#103: Why You Are Crazy To Not Invest in Your Communications and Messaging

Aug 13, 2018

Communication is so critical to a business – especially young companies who don’t have the brand awareness like the Amazons and Googles of the world. There is a saying I often use which is, “a great product is a minimum expectation of a brand.” With the world of online reviews there is no other option. If your product or service is shit – you will never get away with it – or at least not for long.

So great, you have an awesome product or service that is really different and unique from your competitors. How do you take your desired share of the market?


We all know this – it doesn’t just happen. You need to start marketing your business. But, when you are communicating why your business is the one that your audiences should buy from, you better be doing a damn good job.

Your potential audiences need to understand what you do and why they should buy from you. Within that, you need to articulate who your target audience is and how your product or service is different from everyone else.

For example, if you owned a marketing agency, how would you communicate that? I’ll give you a bit more. You do absolutely everything from SEO to websites to social media marketing – your list of services is about 10-15 things. You work with everyone from small business to big companies and your pricing really ranges to accommodate all budgets. The cool thing is that you’ve developed a really unique system which allows the clients to do a lot of the work themselves, which is great for companies with in-house marketing departments, but your business can also manage it too.

You’re at an event with someone who works in banking and they ask what you do – can you say it in one sentence?

The average attention span is quickly decreasing. It went from 12 seconds down to 8. So if you don’t communicate effectively and efficiently, you’ve already lost them.

The next time you tell someone what you do, ask if they can tell it back to you. Heck, even ask your parents. If people around you often say that they never remember what you do, it’s because you aren’t communicating it well. It’s not them, it’s you.The goal is to have our audiences be ambassadors for us. And if they don’t have the tools to do so, it’s a missed opportunity. And if that is happening, its more than likely that we are also losing potential clients in our pitches or meetings.



Your business will start booming.