Ally McIlwraith


Ally is currently the Director of Marketing at BRNT Ltd developing brands in the very faced past cannabis industry. While  a majority of her time is in her role, she dedicates some of her time to selectively work with one or two clients at a time. To discuss working with Ally, please reach out through email.


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“Working with Ally was one of the best things we have done for our business. Ally is bright and insightful and really gets to the core of what you do and why you do it, and helps translate that into material and methods to deliver in your marketing. The value in digging deep into the why and what of our business really improved our internal communication about our services as well as gave clear direction to how to communicate what that is outwardly. Clarifying our positioning really helps us stay in our lane and to what we know to be true and build on that, and stops us from being too easily reactive to other businesses moves.”

-Laurie Plouffe, Propel Performance

“Ally’s brand guides for her clients are honestly the best I’ve ever seen. I wish the clients that end up coming our way for web development had the level of care that Ally’s clients get.”

-Roxanne Dupuis, Realty Ninja

“I have come to view Ally as my go-to person for all brand guidance. She has a great way of giving feedback from a kind place, asking provoking questions, and helping me to think differently. She knows how important my business is to me, and because of this tells me what I need to hear. She is more than my brand strategist, she is my confidant for my business. I am able to share all the wild ideas I have and she will coach me through the communication process. She has been an amazing support for my vision.”

-Ula Kaniuch, A Vibrant Mind

Ally has the innate ability to make you dig deep and get to the heart of why you do what you do. She was able to take the thoughts, feelings and emotions behind my work and succinctly bundle it all together. She carefully crafted my position in the market place, created language that communicated exactly who I am, what I do and why I do it and kept me true to my core beliefs throughout the entire process. Ally passion for her craft is unmatched. Hands down, working with Ally was the best decision I could have made.”

-Kindra Sowden,  Kindra Sowden Real Estate